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Once upon a time.....

Minderella’s family and friends needed help with planning and celebrating life’s biggest moments.  They all discovered that Minderella could wave her magic wand and their biggest dreams would come to life!   She was able to take small, intimate gatherings or large dream-worthy weddings and turn them into visual masterpieces that were unique and a perfect reflection of what they wanted their event to be!  Minderella soon realized, that her own happily ever after involves unique, creative design, event styling and everything in between to make your vision come alive.  Minderella is that Fairy Godmother that will help you create and design YOUR fairytale event and make your dreams come true!  


Hey!  I’m Mindy aka chief operator aka Minderella! I thrive on assisting couples with their wedding planning process while showing them ways to keep it easy, have fun and being able to enjoy it. I believe that engagements and planning for the big day should be an exciting, enjoyable and memorable experience. I am dedicated in making sure that happens for you! I offer tools, solutions and resources to get you from “Yes” to “I do” all while making the wedding planning process a breeze to get through, no matter what your budget is or what size wedding you are envisioning. I have a knack for visuals and design and love to share my creativity with others. I’m going to warn you though, I do have a slight obsession when it comes to anything flower or lighting related! 

Does the thought of planning a wedding freak you out?! Or are you currently in the middle of planning while trying to stay sane through it all? I get it! All these years, we have been waiting for the time to come where we get to start planning the weddings we’ve always dreamed of and then when the time comes it’s like, forget the fun stuff—we have budgets, guests lists and registries to worry about! Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin and need some direction? Or you could be someone with either too little time, resources or funds to really pull off what you’ve always dreamed of? Whatever the situation is, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be stressful, daunting or be something you dread doing! This is an exciting time in your lives! Too often I hear, “I can’t wait for this wedding to be over with!”.  No…let me help you avoid that from happening!

I was the bride who, miraculously, had the BEST time of my life planning my own wedding! I mean that wholeheartedly.   Everything, from the initial budget planning to determine what size and type of celebration we could have to obsessing over color schemes and décor and all the tiny little details in between, all while sticking within our initial budget--PERFECTLY. That is a fact, my friends! I had a blast and if you ask my husband, he would also agree with me that it was a damn smooth, exciting time for all involved. Being able to stay calm, organized and make each step of the process something to look forward to is something that comes easily to me. Many couples jump into planning and are happy and motivated to start, only for that to fizzle out when they start finding out how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding. It is hard work!  That is where I come in.  To make sure that you have the wedding you’ve dreamed of by helping you where you need it most and to ensure that you have a fun, enjoyable time doing so!

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