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Is A Destination Wedding or Elopement Right for You?

On the topic of Intimate Weddings and the many types there are, lets talk about Destination Weddings and Elopements.

These are becoming a SUPER popular way to get wed! There are so many perks to getting married away and I'm going to share with you 5 reasons to consider getting away for the big day!!

Destination Weddings and Eloping Can Actually Save You Money


No big secret here, but did you know? Weddings are expensive!! On average, traditional weddings in the US run around $20-35,000, not including the honeymoon. This makes hightailing it away to get married a great option for those on a budget and even for those who still want to have an elaborate, fancy celebration because it is still less expensive than a traditional wedding.

Not only can you save money on the big day itself, many young couples nowadays are wanting to spend that money on other things, like a down payment on a home, dream honeymoon vacation or other big investments.

Planning is Less Time Consuming and Not as Stressful


It doesn't matter how big or small you plan your wedding to be, planning IS going to consume quite a bit of your time with the decision making, budgeting, meeting with vendors. You better believe it is going to test your patience a time or two as well!

There are still decisions to make for an elopement or destination wedding but you can make it as simple or as lavish as you wish depending on where you are going and what your budget is. However, with keeping on a smaller scale, there is going to be less to worry about in the grand scheme of things and ultimately take only a fraction of the time. This is appealing to those couples who are in a hurry to get hitched, for whatever the reason may be!

Planning a destination wedding or an elopement removes the stress and anxiety many couples feel as they try to please everyone during the planning process. Not having to worry about awkward invitation conversations or making sure you find the right entertainment for your guests makes getting away to say, "I do", sound even better!

You Get to Travel!


One of the best things about getting married in some magical destination or eloping just the two of you in a far away land is that you can really go wherever you want! Near or far, there are a plethora of places to choose from.

You can get really creative about where you get married. Dream of getting married under a tropical waterfall or mountain top? You can do that! Have a favorite vacation place that you have always wanted to go back to? Now is your chance! Not to mention the gorgeous photos you will have!

Take your dream vacation and get married! What a wonderful way to start this next chapter in your lives!

Allows you to focus on YOU!


Planning a destination wedding or elopement immediately turns the planning details to yourselves, rather than what is going to logistically work to host your guests and keeping them fed and entertained.

Details can be as intimate and personalized as you want them to be. If you prefer to have something very simple and sweet, you really have your pick of how you want to do this! So many great ideas out there! Or if you are someone who wants a small but lavish wedding but in a remote location, you can still have what details are important to you that will make your celebration all about you.

You can choose to plan something really special or unique on your wedding day that will create memories beyond what you ever thought your wedding day would look like. From swimming with turtles, to sky diving, sunrise ceremonies or a twilight vow exchange under the stars, your options are endless on making your wedding intimate and special to you both.

Eliminate Guest List Distress


We have all heard the nightmare stories from the stressed out Bride and that darn guest list! Who gets invited? Does so and so have to get an invite? You get it! I get it! Inviting people to your wedding can be a stressful experience for some as you think about who makes the cut.

Keeping it between you two or a select few allows you to have the most important people there with you to celebrate or if you prefer--no one at all! No worries about hurting guests feelings by not inviting them, especially if it is a toxic family member or having the awkward conversation with a co-worker about why they didn't receive an invitation. Having a destination wedding or eloping will solve these wedding planning woes!

Speaking of a small or non-existent guest list, this is a wonderful option for someone who is shy or someone who would prefer to not be the center of attention in front of a large audience. It allows you to solely focus on the love between you two by creating the perfect memories on your wedding day.

These are all great PERKS to having a Destination Wedding or private Elopement! Have you considered a Destination or Elopement style wedding? What about going away appeals to you?

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