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Small Vs Large Weddings

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Why More Couples Are Choosing to Downsize on Their Big Day

Recently, I was featured in the local wedding publication, 'I Do', put out by the Hometown News Group, talking about one of the HOT trends in the wedding industry right now-- Micro-Weddings or what I call them, Small Intimate weddings…you know, my favorite kind of wedding to plan and help design!

I am going to share more about this trend and why it is becoming SO popular! There are loads of perks to scaling back on your big day. Check out my top 5 reasons below!

It is Less Overwhelming

One of the common feelings associated with planning a wedding is stress, overwhelm and doing whatever it takes to avoid becoming THAT bride(zilla). Am I right? Yes, yes, there is joy and happiness along the way too but many couples planning weddings will admit to being a little frazzled at some point in the planning process.

Here’s what is so cool about considering a small or ‘micro’ wedding—it can be SO MUCH LESS overwhelming for you to plan! It kind of sounds nice, doesn’t it??

With having a smaller, more intimate or private celebration you can still have what you want for your big day, everything that is important for you both but can scratch off quite a bit that would traditionally be on a big wedding planning checklist.

For instance, a smaller wedding means inviting less guests. Not having to come up with multiple lists of who is being invited to what portion of the day’s events is refreshing as is not having to worry that if you don’t invite ‘so and so’ from work, is it going to make things awkward? You get to have exactly who is important to you there or hey—no one at all, if that’s what you prefer! You will be able to feel more relaxed with close knit friends and family.

Planning in general for a smaller wedding is less overwhelming as you can scale back on the venue, entertainment, catering and some of the smaller details as well, such as favors. The best part though, is that you can get creative in where you have your wedding as you don’t need to find space for 200 or 300 guests! Same thing when it comes to food and drinks—think of all the options you could have by having 30 guests vs 150? Endless options depending on your budget!

Many couples who have planned a smaller wedding have said it was much more fun than they expected it to be as they could focus on many of the creative aspects of planning and the details that were important to them.

You Can Splurge on Things That are Important

Some couples choose a small wedding not necessarily because their budgets don’t allow for a large wedding but because you can really get more bang for your buck, more “Wow” for less and still have a lavish wedding.

With fewer guests, you can splurge on the things that really matter to you. It could be a live band you really want for entertainment or hosting your guests with a top-shelf Open Bar to help celebrate. Guests typically remember two things from weddings—the food and the music or entertainment. You can totally splurge in these areas by scaling back on everything else!

What about that designer dress you've always dreamed of? Or driving off into the sunset in a vintage car! That splurging may even mean splurging on your honeymoon! I know at some point during the wedding planning process, it is hard to not think about the honeymoon and be able to just fast forward to relaxing and spending time with your new spouse. Well, with scaling back on your wedding day celebration, you can plan your dream honeymoon and be able to enjoy your time away.

Unique Venue Options

Imagine, if you could have your wedding celebration at your favorite winery, museum, park or at your own special spot that really isn’t even a ‘spot’ at all? So many unique options are possible with a small wedding and smaller guest count!

You can get creative with venue options like local restaurants, bed and breakfasts, art galleries and even botanical gardens! I speak from experience on the botanical wedding venue option, there was no where else we wanted to be married than surrounded by such a beautiful and fresh backdrop of flowers and plants. These untraditional wedding venues are becoming so much more popular!

You can’t get away with thinking of something like this as even an option with a larger wedding unless they have the accommodations (space, staff, etc) to handle an event of such size.

You guests will love the change of pace by attending a wedding celebration that is held in a fun, different location or venue. It is exciting for you to host and will leave an impression on your guests as it creates memories to be remembered for years to come.

I personally love attending weddings in unique areas as it is a fresh change of pace and possibly somewhere gorgeous they haven't been to themselves.

Spend more time with Guests

How many times have you been to a wedding and you didn’t get to say more than, “Congrats!!! You look amazing!”, to the happy couple?? I get it, wedding days are BUSY, fast paced and it is go-go-go until the party is over. The bride and groom are on a tight schedule and it is hard to be able to spend time with each guest when there are hundreds of them to chat with.

When the guest list is small, you both have more quality time to spend with guests. You get to celebrate one of the most important days of your life with those who matter the most—you don’t want to be stuck up front on display at a head table all night, do you?? Don’t! You don’t have to!

Keeping it small also makes it more relaxed for you and for your guests! They will feel welcome and comfortable by having that connection with you. They are more apt to get up and mingle when the group is limited to a smaller size vs a huge room of people they don’t know. Also, the best part for you, as the couple—keeping your guest list down means you don’t have to make small talk with people you felt obligated to invite. There is no need to include them!

This also helps put the kibosh on answering those uncomfortable questions as to why someone didn't make the cut on your wedding guest list. You can simply say, 'We have decided to keep our guest list to family only', or something along those lines. Doesn't that sound refreshing?!

Do-Able Décor Options

In the beginning stages of planning or heck, some girls have their wedding vision in mind well before she even begins dating the man of her dreams, but regardless of when they have this vision it usually entails elaborate décor, specific details and many times, over the top visuals—until you start doing some research and find out that the super glamorous floral covered arch you have been drooling over is going to cost you more than you would spend for an entire vacation out of the country! Womp womp!

Maybe you always dreamed of having vintage crystal and china on your tables during your dinner celebration? It’s totally DO-ABLE to do something like that when you only need 15 place settings but probably out of the question with a guest count 10 times that size.

Going smaller scale with your wedding celebration also means that having a themed wedding is easier to plan when it comes to décor. You can really pull out all the stops to add elements that will help pull it all together for a common theme.

Couples are loving to add statement visuals to their wedding days, including elaborate back drops, dreamy arches to wed under and even guest lounge areas! Remember the other day when we were talking about scaling back to be able to splurge on other things--well, I for one recommend splurging on decor and visuals!!

Give your guests a visual parade to remember for years to come!

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