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Top Reasons To Have A Backyard Outdoor Wedding

Living in the Mid-west, we have only a few months a year where we can take advantage of all the natural beauty surrounding us and plan an outdoor, backyard wedding.

Having a backyard wedding certainly has it’s concerns like, “What if it rains??!” or “The bugs will be awful!!”, and yes, those are legitimate concerns but not anything that can’t be solved with a little creative planning. However, having a backyard wedding has it’s many perks too! Making it as fancy or casual as you prefer, and what your budget allows.

I personally LOVE backyard weddings! There is something about a warm summer night, dancing the night away under the stars, celebrating the love of two people. Ahh!

Here, I share with you MY top favorite reasons to have an outdoor, backyard wedding!!

Takes Planning Down a 'Notch'

One of the BEST things about having a Backyard Wedding is that it has an immediate, relaxing and laid back vibe! It is so much more relaxing!! For both you and your guests! You are home, your guests have most likely been here and feel comfortable. It is more intimate and has a special feeling to it.

Having your wedding at home or any backyard style gives you a chance to let loose and not have to worry so much about some of the wedding details that many couples stress over when wedding planning.

This is not to say that planning a Backyard or Outdoor wedding is easy peasy, lemon squeezy! There are still decisions to make and important things to consider but there is definitely something fun and exciting about planning an outdoor wedding that will help keep your cool throughout the process.

Decor, Decor, Decor!

My FAVORITE part of wedding planning! Guess what? Having a Backyard Wedding allows you to get creative with décor!! You don't have to worry so much about what you can or can't have for decor, as many venues have restrictions on this but being at home or outside, you have many options!

Where to start? Pinterest! Get a board going of visuals that strike your fancy. Decide on a theme or don’t! Backyard weddings are perfect for creating a vintage, classy, mix and match look that gives off a whimsical and dreamy feel. I personally love this because the variety in styles is eye-catching to your guests and creates a conversation piece.

Here is your chance to build or create a gorgeous Arbor or backdrop to get married in front of! Since you are outside, create visuals to draw the eyes up such as fancy DIY garlands and pennant banners draped from the trees and throughout the area.

Outdoor handmade signs are very popular as well, letting your guests know where to find the bar, the food and the dance floor. You know, the most important stuff!

Lights, Candles and Lanterns-Oh My!

One important thing to consider when having a Backyard wedding is the lighting! The lighting at an outdoor wedding is not only functional for when the sun goes down but can it also ramps up the ambiance in the decor department.

For people who know me, know I have a slight obsession with lighting, especially for weddings, especially when they are outdoors! Lighting is what creates your atmosphere!!

From string lights to garden lights, paper lanterns and fairy lights to vintage lamps, luminaries and even tiki torches! Candles, votives and tealights find their space in this outdoor dreamland too. (Tip: purchase citronella candles to serve as a double whammy for the bug situation!)

Load your space up with lights, create an enchanting canopy for everyone to celebrate under and watch the magic unfold as the sun goes down!

Fabulous Food and Drink Options are Endless!

Your options here range from simple to extravagant, whatever you want. You have the opportunity to steer away from the typical wedding meal so take advantage and consider all your options!

Think comfort food vs catered buffet style or sit-down meal. Your guests already feel at home. Celebrate with homestyle favorites and specialty drinks!

A BBQ is perfect for this type of celebration! Keep it simple and create your menu with your favorites, ones you know your guests will love. Have plenty of choices for sides and a wide variety of desserts for guests to fuel up on for partying well into the night!

Fun, creative outdoor bar spaces and food stations are becoming a HOT item for weddings and are a great gathering place for your guests to mingle!

Here in Wisconsin, another popular trend I am loving is having food trucks at your wedding for late night snacks and treats! What a great idea! And PERFECT for your outdoor shin-dig!! Eat up!

All of these amazing, fun ideas are perfect for hosting your Backyard Outdoor Wedding!

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