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Wedding Planning & Budgeting

How to Have A Wedding Under $5K

When deciding on what size wedding you are going to have, your budget is most definitely the first thing you need to look at.

If you are a couple on a budget this is an important task to handle in the very beginning stages of planning and really before any other planning happens. Creating a budget can be daunting but together, sit down and come up with a dollar amount you feel comfortable with and go from there.

Many couples also think that because they have a budget or they don't have a whole lot to put towards a large celebration, that their wedding day won't be special or have the same feel as it could with having a litte more wiggle room in the finance department. That is SO not true!!

I know, I know...when we hear 'wedding', we often times hear coins clinking in the piggy bank instead of wedding bells ringing but it is absolutely possible to have an amazing, smaller, more intimate style wedding AND to be able to pull it off for under FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Yep! It's possible! I've seen it first hand, people and looking back, you would never know the couple didn't spend thousands more on it.

Do I have your attention yet?!

Here are 5 areas that you can seriously cut back on cost if you're open to it!

1.) Keep it Intimate

Shoot for a guest list under 50 or even better, under 25. There are always going those people you would love to include but the reality is, if you want to stick within your budget, keeping it smaller is your best bet! You can always invite more people to just the dance or reception portion of your wedding day celebration and they can still be a part of your day.

2.) Backyard, Garden or Lake Cabin Wedding

Have your wedding celebration at home! Or if you know someone with a great space, ask if you could have the wedding there. Depending on your area, you can rent out space at local parks, outdoor pavilions and gardens for a small fee while having a gorgeous backdrop. Outdoor celebrations mean you will need to consider shelter in case of weather but even the rental of a wedding tent can be cheaper than what you would pay for a venue.

3.) Feasting Fancies

Consider hosting large BBQ or even a pig roast style meal! By cooking and providing the meal yourselves, you can save a TON on catering costs. Assign a few friends that wouldn't mind manning the grills and keeping the buffet line filled. Not wanting to impose on friends or family? No big deal! Who says you HAVE to serve a big meal anyway? Serve hot appetizers, snacks and desserts to your guests to keep them filled up while mingling with guests!

4.) DIY-it

Get ready to work! Roll those sleeves up and call on your girls--you've got work to do! Decorations and visuals can all be done DIY which will be more personalized, unique and budget friendly! Pinterest is your best friend in this game as well as thrift stores, online garage sales and wedding consignment shops. Get creative and crafty! Remember, the more details, the more work and money you will put towards creating your vision. Lighting, whether it be twinkle-lights or candles will also be your best friend to create a beautiful, magical space for celebrating!

5.) Friendly Photogs

Having photos capturing your most special moments on your wedding day is important to most couples but truth be told, photography can be a huge expense for those budgeting. There are a couple ways that you can still get amazing shots for a fraction of the cost. One way would be to ask a friend or family member who enjoys photography as a hobby to take photos for you. Another way, would be to hire a photographer who is building their portfolio or who is new to the scene looking to gain more experience. Ask to see their work or for any reviews from people they worked with. You can find some great talent that will fit your price perfectly!

Are you ready to plan your own wedding for under $5K?!

You can do it! It is SO possible to achieve if you are willing to scale back on the larger areas, like the ones I mentioned above, that typically suck up good portions of the entire wedding budget. Scaling back doesn't mean your wedding dreams are toast, it just means that you need to get more creative on your overall vision and be smart about what is important for you to spend your budget on. At the end of the day, as long as you two are happy, the rest is all details...

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