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Set Up  & Tear Down Decorating Service

Behind the Scenes Assistance.  This is great for the couples who have everything ready to go for the Big Day but don't want to be bothered or have to hassle friends or family to do the grunt of the hard work...the setting-up and tear-down of your event.  Let Minderella handle task this while you dance the night away!


Included Services:


  • Meeting with the couple to discuss set up and decor plans and to review any visuals the couple has.

  • Double checking that everything they will need has been accounted for such as supplies/tools needed for set up

  • Completing the setting up and decorating for the event and making sure it is done per clients requests in a timely manner

  • Returning to the event to complete the removal and take down of decor items, ensuring all items are accounted for, organized and ready for the client to pick up. 

Wedding Couple
Dress on the Wall
Wedding Couple
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