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The Kit



Oh how sweet would it be if you had a fairy godmother wave her wand and everything you needed to pull off the perfect event appeared?  Whaaat?!  If you have the guests, location, and goodies, then Minderella can 'Bippity-bobbity-boo' everything else!  ‘The Kit’ has got the essentials for any budget-savvy host or hostess searching for a completely customizable experience!

Minderella's Kit offers:

  • Basic, theme matching décor (your streamers, balloons, tissue balls, pennent banners)

  • Party-ware (Can’t have a party with nothing to serve with, right? Plates, napkins, utensils, cups and table coverings)

  • Table-scape Items (Centerpieces, candles, confetti, stuff to make it pretty)

*Prices based on theme, desire, and budget*

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