The Whole Kit & Kaboodle


Looking for a little more than what The Kit or The Kaboodle offer?  Need a little more help?  Want to hand over the reins and know that your carriage will make it safely to the ball?  Then this package will fit you like a glass slipper!!  Not only do you get Minderella’s expert Event Styling, design concepts, and execution…but you get the peace of mind that your event will be handled with care and love.  Throwing a themed party?  Minderella lives for this stuff!!  Just tell her what your vision is and watch her work her magic!


No matter the occasion, The Whole Kit and Kaboodle includes:

  • Theme consultation

  • Full Event Styling (Planning, Arrangement, and Execution)

  • Full Design Conceptualization (from décor to food, plates to centerpieces)

  • DIY creation and assistance

  • Hostess behind the scenes

From Birthday parties to Bachelorette’s, Weddings to Graduations, no matter your party, Minderella and The Whole Kit and Kaboodle is perfect for a stress-free event. 

Just sit back and watch the magic unfold!